Affiliate links to tools we use personally!

The following links are ONLY to products and softwares that WE USE PERSONALLY. We would never ask you to purchase an item or service that we aren't 100% sure is beneficial to our very own businesses as well. If you're going to purchase any of the below listed items at all, we would really appreciate you using our links, as this helps us keep ORB Radio up and running! We understand how important your money is to your business and we will always only offer the lowest price we business owners can find. Thanks for the support!

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InventoryLab & Scoutify 2  Scanning app

If you are only going to purchase one software for your business, this is the one. InventoryLab comes with free access to the top scanning app on the market today "Scoutify 2". Coming in at only $49/mo you can't beat the value that this software brings to our business. It simplifies your inventory, your profitability, and even creating shipments (our favorite feature.) Click below to sign up for this software using our affiliate link! Thanks for the love!

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BQool Repricing Software

BQool is a repricing tool that we wish we had implemented sooner. This software allows you to set minimum and maximum prices on listings while competing for the buy box. This software is a must have for sellers who want to increase their sales volume and move through their inventory faster. Visit our affiliate link below, we appreciate you so much more than you know!

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Refunds Manager

We all know that Amazon can miss things from time to time. This service logs into the back end of your account and reconciles shipments, returns, and refunds, to make sure that you get reimbursed for all the things Amazon can miss. Most of the time just turning this service on will bring back money you didn't even know you were missing! While the service doesn't have a monthly fee, they do keep 20% of what missing money they find. This sounds like a lot, but almost all of the time it is money we didn't even know we were missing! This affiliate link helps us out a ton and this service is a must have! Click below to sign up.

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15 steps to Analyzing Profitable Products to sell on Amazon FBA

15 steps to Analyzing Profitable Products to sell on Amazon FBA

EBates - get money back for shopping online

Ebates is an essential tool for every single person sourcing for products via online arbitrage. We have saved over 16% on orders before and all you have to do is turn it on! You can see a list of supported sites and their current discount rates on the website, or you can download the Ebates chrome extension and when you visit a supported website it will prompt you to save money! Our affiliate link is here below and they will credit your account for $10 after your first purchase of $25 or more.


15 Steps to Analyzing Profitable products to sell on Amazon - document

This is the link to the 15 steps to analyzing profitable products to sell on amazon, this document is mainly associated with video #6 of the Amazon FBA QuickStart Guide.


DYMo Labelwriter 450 turbo - Label Printer

The DYMO Labelwriter 450 is a crucial tool in the Amazon FBA sellers arsenal. This is the printer we personally use for printing out the labels that go over the UPC codes when you ship items into Amazon FBA warehouses. This is the cheapest and easiest option for labeling your own products at home.


USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

This cheap little scanner is a major time saver when it comes to scanning products into your inventory on your pc/mac. By simply pulling the trigger this barcode scanner inserts the UPC code into whatever blank field you have selected. This can save hours of work over the span of a year and in this industry time=MONEY. This is a must have tool.


30-up product labels

These labels are enough to get you started! They are best used with a laser printer but will work with a standard ink printer in a pinch. These can be used for product labels as well as expiration date labels.


ULine 400 piece Multipack Poly Bags

I have been buying these poly bags for a long time. They have the required “Choke Warning” printed on the bag itself. They are self sealing (Meaning they have an adhesive strip at the top) and they are the right thickness that they don’t rip at the tiniest snag. Great bags especially for the price, not to mention there is 4 different sizes included so you don’t have to guess if you ordered the right ones!


6 Pack of DYMO Labels (3,000 Labels included)

These are the exact DYMO printer labels we use in our warehouse. They are high quality and budget friendly! Not to mention since there is 3,000 labels included you don’t have to worry about reordering them very often.